IBM S/370 retrieved

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Hell yes!!  What a find!

How do you supply the power and keep a thing like that cool?

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  I've just taken possession of a small IBM System/370 mainframe, and I
thought I'd share the joy.  This system has been sitting in North
Carolina waiting for me for about six months; I've only now been able to
arrange for transport due to financial restrictions.  I've got 450
pictures and nearly a gigabyte of video to sort through, but here's a
quick series of shots, including one or two with yours truly striking a

  The system is a member of the 9370 family.  It consists of a 9375
processor, five 9335-B01 disk drives (824MB/ea), two 9335-A01
controllers, and a 3430 tape drive.  Everything was shrink-wrapped and
sealed with IBM anti-tamper stickers.  All the cabling is present; it's
all coiled up in the back of the processor cabinet.  I also received a
mountain of documentation which I've not yet gone through.  Everything
is absolutely pristine save for some tape residue.  I broke the seals
and unwrapped the system personally, with camera rolling and heart pounding.

  Thanks to my friend George Adkins for the Herculean effort of loading
it onto a truck in North Carolina and bringing it down here, and my
friends James Sharp and Pat Sherrill for assisting with the unload.

  If I can get it running, I'd like to run VM/370 and/or MVS on it.  It
originally ran VSE/SP.  On that note...does anyone have an appropriate
console terminal for this system that might be available?  I believe
that'd be a 3215, or perhaps an early (C.U.T. protocol I think) 3270.

  I am so happy about this I can hardly contain myself. =)


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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