Lightbulb police? (was RE: Anyone off to VCF-UK)

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Fri Jun 4 09:38:04 CDT 2010

> > I've had plenty of fluorescents that barely outlast incandescents, 
> > despite manufacturers' MTBF claims. Plenty more that exhibit 
> > weakened output after a few months. All of them seem to have output 
> > even when new that's vastly less than the "incandescent equivalent" 
> > rating claimed on the packaging.
> I believe the Compact Fluorescents are also more sensitive to how 
> many times you turn them on and off.  We have 3 kids, ages 2-7, I try 
> to put Incandescents where they'll be playing with the lights, and 
> Compact Fluorescents in other places.

I use lights with multiple fixtures and put in a mix. And I've certainly
got my incandescent stockpile. That at least gives me the wider spectrum
and warmth partially.

Meanwhile, the California State Ass'y voted to ban plastic bags, so that
we can all either cut down trees and pay a nickel each, or pay the store
a couple bucks for cheapo 'reusable' bags that tear at the slightest glance.
I'll just be making more frequent trips for smaller shopping lists to avoid
using bags at all. Environmental conservation is fun!

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