Lightbulb police? (was RE: Anyone off to VCF-UK)

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Fri Jun 4 15:54:53 CDT 2010

On 04/06/10 17:43, Andrew Burton wrote:
> It's also possible that some idiot (or kids) would plug in the ballast with
> no tube at all! Maybe even stick some wire or something into it that
> shouldn't be there.

 > Either way, I'm sure the HSE wouldn't like it here in
> the UK. As an employee, I am not allowed to change fuses at work or do
> anything with our machines unless we have been trained by the appropriate
> engineer first.

At a previous employer, we had a "Health and Safety Officer" who did 
this, arranged for additional mains sockets to be added to desks, and so 
forth. By default you'd get a 3A fuse fitted to a set of desk sockets, 
even if you requested an 8-way socket with a 13A fuse. Plug in eight 
set-top-boxes for a network test, hit the ON switch... and watch as the 
whole desk loses power. This was his policy, even if the socket strip 
was itself rated to 13A.

Order a fuse replacement, and you got another 3A. To get something more 
sanely rated, you had to get approval from the Head of Engineering, your 
Line Manager, and H&S Officer, and also provide a side of A4 explaining 
why *exactly* you needed 13A of power. "Running networking tests which 
requires 8 boxes" wasn't good enough -- he wanted an essay. That was 
always fun...

In my current place-of-work, H&S and training seem to have gone by the 
wayside. We've got a Fuji Frontier digital photo printer, and there's a 
strict company policy that in order to do maintenance work on it, you 
MUST have attended the Fujifilm training course and have the shiny 
little certificate that says so. I wouldn't be surprised if this was 
part of the service contract...

So anyway, there are a few problems with this:
   1) The only two members of staff in our store who had done the Fuji 
maintenance training... were made redundant (along with all the other 
specialist Lab Supervisors and Lab Operators in the company).
   2) The company will no longer pay for people to take the Fuji 
training courses.
   3) ... so now we have one-and-a-half people who can do the 
maintenance work. That is, one person (me) who can do all of it, and one 
who can handle the basic weekly maintenance.

You can probably guess what's happened to the weekly / monthly / 
quarterly maintenance (and the yearly machine service for that matter).


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