Lightbulb police? (was RE: Anyone off to VCF-UK)

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> The good news is I also have a large collection of molex, amp, paladin, 
> et. al. crimpers from surplus sales, etc.
> The bad news is all the firms which sold them off in the LA area are gone, 
> along with jobs they created, which would not be so bad right about now 
> (or anywhere).  They didn't migrate, they just went away.
> Jim

When a computer costs $3000 you can get a decent job and afford one, plenty 
of people have jobs locally making and supporting them. When a computer 
costs $300 it is made in some other country and you might not be able to 
afford it since you are out of work.

How often do you use those specialized crimping tools, and on what hardware? 
The only specialized crimper I use is a set for doing CAT5 ethernet, got it 
in the late 90's and use it all the time.

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