IBM S/370 retrieved

Philip Belben philip at
Sat Jun 5 14:00:46 CDT 2010

> Not being very familiar with later-model IBM stuff, what vintage is this stuff?
> early 90's perhaps?

I remember the announcement.  I think it was when I was doing a vacation 
job with IBM in 1987 [*].  I've still got some of the marketing leaflets 
- "Welcome to the new computer room" with a picture of a 9370 in an 
office.  The implication was that the 9370 machines were more like minis 
than mainframes, and didn't need a dedicated computer room.

But IBM probably expected your office to be air conditioned...


[*] It could have been 1986.  But more likely we didn't get them until a 
year after the US.

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