yet another pdp-8 in a fpga, but this time running tss/8

Ben bfranchuk at
Mon Jun 7 02:16:52 CDT 2010

Keith wrote:

> With all this being said, since you have the ability to create custom
> hardware that can perform exactly one function really really well, FPGAs
> can often destroy multi-ghz PCs in terms of performance for limited
> applications. You can create various hardware decoders(video, audio), or
> encryption/decryption hardware. Provided you can scale this stuff
> (parallelize), you can just keep throwing FPGAs at a problem. Small
> FPGAs that are cheap are still fairly powerful.

You make it sound like, a PDP 8 with 4K of core has no useful
use at all. :)

> Hope this helps the discussion.
> Keith

Looking back with the emulators, of vintage hardware
it is the fact that expensive things like mass-storage
could be shared among several people. I have just been
installing some PDP 8 software on a IDE drive and even
with the small size of PDP 8 disks ( 2048k max ) you
sure can see how small programs and data was back then.
With a PDP 8 multi-tasking the programs I expect where
dog slow, but they could run with larger memory and
disks a larger machine could justify.

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