Fuses ans stuff was : Lightbulb police?

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 14:09:22 CDT 2010

> urgh, "science" was the same few things every year for five years for me
> (autumn 1990-summer 1996) - human reproductive organs, plants reproduction,
> basic physics and thats it. We did do a little electrical work (series vs.
> parallel), but I guess H&S put an end to the practical side.

... Particulalry when it came to human reproduction (wy is part of 'The 
Meaning of Life' going through my mind right now..)

More seriously, eliminating practical scince -- interesting practical 
science, is exactly the part of H&S that I object to. I was fortunate in 
that I did get to mess around with things that could have been dangerous 
if misused -- HV power supplies, the mains, evacuated galls vessels, 
sharp tools, etc and never had a serious injury. Mainly because I thought 
about what I was doing and took some care. 


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