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Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Wed Jun 9 16:54:51 CDT 2010

Those who might know Len Levine, this was forwarded to me by Dave Rasmussen.

>Hi Everyone:
>I regret to inform you that Marilyn Levine ( Len's wife) passed away
>last saturday. She had been hospitalized for about a week. As you know,
>both Len and Marilyn were associated with UWM for a long time.
>PS; Please share this with your friends you think may know Marilyn.

I was a volunteer operator on the TSS/8 system at UWM from the summer 
before my fresheman year in 1978 until they replaced it with a Vax. Len 
spotted me in his intro comp sci class on the first day of my freshman year 
and grabbed my schedule, wrote a course number on it, signed it, and said, 
"You don't need to be here- go take the languages class." And the rest is 
history. I continued to interact with him in various ways for the next 15 
years, well beyond my college days. I still hear from, or about, him. I owe 
a lot to him and I'm very sorry his life-long companion has been taken from 


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