Programing PDP-8 assembler - details

Ben bfranchuk at
Thu Jun 10 22:09:31 CDT 2010

Johnny Billquist wrote:

> The system calls, information about file system stuff, and all other
> information you need to write programs in assembler is documented in the
> Don't know if it's available online, but I would suspect so.

It is online, and as scanned text file. It printed out rather
clean on the laser with only a few blank pages.

> Johnny
The important thing is got windows ( hyper-term ) and the
SBC6120 with k12mit ( Kermit ) talking to each other today.
The PDP 8 was promoted as paper tape system, and it is
harder to think of communicating with it remotely.
I still will do most of my editing in DOS box, since the line
editor is pain to use with the PDP 8.

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