Cromemco Z2-D system and accessories in Seattle, WA - Wish to donate

Jeff Wyman wysoft at
Fri Jun 11 15:02:41 CDT 2010


I'm posting here to inquire about the possibility of someone wanting to take this old Cromemco off my hands. I appreciate all that it is, and it has some family history behind it, but no one else in my family seems to want it, and it's far beyond my era of interest, so... Here we are.

The system itself is in good physical shape - no damage, structural or cosmetic. My late uncle also built a wooden rolling base for the system, which includes additional power outlets for peripherals, and a remote reset switch. He developed software for Boeing on this machine, and I imagine it was pressed a lot.

Based on the advice of others, to avoid damage to the unit I have not powered on the unit or plugged it in.

Hardware installed in unit:
CPU board, 4FDC, 8PIO, two 64KZ boards

Additional hardware, still in boxes:
16-FDC, four 16KZ boards, two WANGCO floppy drives

Zenith Z-29 terminal is also included if you wish, though I had originally intended to keep it. I used it over a year ago to do VAX stuff, and it still worked. There is also a printed manual.

Printed and bound documentation:
Word Processing System, Cromix Operating System, Database Management System, Cromemco Extended BASIC, Z-80 Macro Assembler, Link and Lib, CDOS, FORTRAN IV, Cromemco System & Components, Cromemco Trace System Simulator, Zilog Z-80 Tech Reference

There's also a huge stack of assorted manuals, catalogs, etc. My uncle really kept everything. Also included are a fair amount of my uncle's scribblings and notes, some of which might be helpful to you.

Software (almost too much to list):
CDOS 2.36, CDOS 2.54, Z80 Macro Assembler, Word Processing System 4.06 & 6.0, FORTRAN & utilities, CROMIX, Database Management System 3.05, Database Report Language 1.0, Relocatable Assembler, BASIC 5.2, 16K Extended BASIC, COBOL, Database 0.02 (?), Drivers (?)

I'll gladly snap photos if you wish.

I would really, really like to avoid having to dispose of this stuff. I never knew my uncle, but if I hadn't taken this stuff from where it sat for the past twenty years in my grandmother's basement, it would have ended up in the trash. Hopefully someone here can make good use of it.

I'm in Bremerton, WA. I'll drive to meet you within a reasonable distance. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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