Lightbulb police? (was RE: Anyone off to VCF-UK)

Alexandre Souza - Listas pu1bzz.listas at
Sun Jun 13 11:39:03 CDT 2010

> We reuse those plastic supermarket bags.  They're exactly the right size
> for small trash cans, and because they're small, they're just the right

    This is a **very** common thing in Brazil. Grocery/supermarket bags are 
used everywhere, from trash can bags to storing things. And some bags are 
made from recycled material. You can see it is a lower grade and very 
different type of plastic.

    Also, there is a program in Brazil which turn these bags (and bottles) 
in garden seats and structural components for housing. Very interesting.

> I think the key isn't to ban the bags, rather, it's to make bags that
> decompose after several months, or when exposed to sunlight or air for a
> certain amount of time (more than a month or so.)


> they're packaged that way, and also the reason why they're so difficult
> to open, once at home, is to make it harder to shopfilt the items.  It

    I still cannot understand why someone can't use a pair of scissors to 
open the darn package :oO

> cardboard is fully recyclable, though I recycle those plastic boxes too.

    Ice cream boxes are nice to store parts :)

> In our are we recycle carboard, newspapers/magazines (not that I
> subscribe to many anyway - I can find almost everything I want to read
> on the web in the first place), glass, and plastic.

    I miss when I bought magazines :) Now I have a  **good** notebook with 
Wi-Fi and 3G internet, I see no why to buy magazines. I can read then on 

> What this has to do with old computers, I'll never know. :)  Possibly,
> because we rescue machines instead of letting them go to a landfill,
> we're keeping them from becoming junk?

    Which is a nice thing :D

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