Model M Keyboard problem

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Jun 14 09:49:44 CDT 2010

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> But foreign matter is usually the problem.  Today I ate an oatmeal 
> cookie over my model M and the return key stuck.  Turning the 
> keyboard upside down and giving it a couple raps on the desktop 
> dropped the crud out.

It's bad design on IBM's part that they didn't come with foreign matter drain 
holes at either end of the case :-)

My M is due another clean, I think - it's started to take on that "mottled 
dark gray" appearance.

> If you really need to open it up, a 7/32" thinshell nutdriver or 
> socket--most are too thick to completely fit down the recess.  Snap-
> on, Sears and K-D carry them.

That's useful; I don't have any and had wondered where to get them. I'd 
briefly wondered about buying a cheap 'regular' set and grinding them down as 

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