need a k/b or 2 for a DEC Rainbow, and docs/warez for a Canon VP3000

Chris M chrism3667 at
Sat Jun 19 22:19:49 CDT 2010

obtained 2 rainbows last night. The only k/b we could find in the guy's basement had a CTITOAH (or whatever the hell) designation, although it looked exactly like a R* k/b. I didn't argue the point. I now have 1 k/b between 3 R*s.
 Haven't cracked the veep open yet. I imagine it has a z80 or something monotonous like that. I'll screech if it has an 8088/8086, but I truly doubt it. Text is blue, strange, but was told it's a mono monitor. Need anything anyone can provide for it. Thanks.


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