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Charlie Carothers csquared3 at
Mon Jun 21 09:56:23 CDT 2010

Andy Holt wrote:
> Some more photos to join the collection
> Some do seem to be very similar to others in James' and Andrew's collections
> -obviously similar items caught our eyes.
> parts of me(!) can be seen on James' pictures of the 2966 - in the first one
> I (or about 1/4 of me) can be seen at the extreme left of the picture ... I
> am talking to Alan Thomson (off shot) about some old ICL manuals I have, one
> of which is in my hand in the picture. I believe that the person with the
> ICL banner in that photo is Delwyn Holroyd who was looking after the 2966 at
> the time and is one of the joint authors of the 1900/George3 emulator that
> can be found if you try hard enough :-)
> In the other main photo of the 2966 (P1000077) the back of my head is
> visible as one of the group of 3 at the back by the MT drive.
> I went to David Ahl's talk. Pity so few others did (less than 2 dozen
> altogether) - how fleeting is fame :-(
> I suppose it is inevitable that any such gathering has "holes" in the story
> ...
> I saw no mention of the Amateur Computing Club (ACC) (and the 77/68) which
> was the nucleus of hobby computing just before the MK14 and Acorn Atom
> introduced "proper" commercial kits - and even the Atom that I photo-ed had
> no informative label.
> Other than PDP-11s, the minicomputer era was practically ignored; Perqs were
> the only obvious examples of the workstation era; the disappearance of items
> from the primary mainframe era is easier to understand - but it would have
> been nice to have had at least one information board on the Ferranti Atlas
> that innovated so many of the things we now take for granted.
> Andy Holt
> one of the two visitors wearing T-shirts with the motto:
> There's no place like
> I should obviously have found my "Happiness is Honeywell" Snoopy Tshirt
> instead!
Thanks for those too.  The captions really help us dummies on the left 
side of the big pond who love this stuff, but don't know what a lot of 
it is without help.

BTW, is one of my favorite places as well!  One can get 
carried away though, as I just recently killed my ability to do the LA 
Times online crossword puzzle by routing one too many things there. 
Twas easy to fix of course, once I realized what I'd done.

Thanks again,
Charlie C.

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