Iomega Bernoulli Box 20+20 (A220H)

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman-cctalk at
Wed Jun 30 20:01:55 CDT 2010

I rescued one of these ancient Bernoulli boxes today.  It uses the large 
  (8") cartridges at 20MB each, and it has two slots for the cartridges.

Other than for hearing some of the folklore about the drives, I don't 
know much about it.  I'd like to see it run and be usable, but I need 
some help.

- Is it SCSI?  If so, what's the pinout on the back?  It has a 37 pin 
female connector that I'm not familiar with if it is SCSI.

- Where is the head mechanism?  Is it fairly robust and protected if 
there are no cartridges inserted?  This one has no major dents, but it 
has not been babied either.  I don't want to waste time on it if it's 
just going to be a heartache.  (I have enough of that already.)

- Cartridges look like they are on eBay.  They are cheap enough for me 
to experiment with.

- Is there anything I should know about these beasts before I attempt 
powering on and working with it?


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