Exidy Sorcerer II schematics?

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at verizon.net
Mon Mar 1 19:15:57 CST 2010

Hi Pete,

Unfortunately, my machine doesn't seem to match the descriptions
in your last message.  The silkscreen definitely says "Sorcerer II".

In terms of the power supply...  There is no black/red wire
on my transformer.  All of the wires are on one side of the
transformer (away from the filter).  There are 11 wires:

Solid black- NC
Solid yellow - NC

Black with yellow stripe - line filter (LOAD)
Solid white              - line filter (LOAD)

Black with white stripe---\
                           }Connected together
White with black stripe---/

Solid red 1               - Power supply board pin 1
Solid blue 1              - Power supply board pin 2
Red with yellow stripe    - Power supply board pin 3
Solid blue 2              - Power supply board pin 5
Solid red 2               - Power supply board pin 6

All of the electrolytics on the power supply board are
bulging.  There has been some hand soldering (rather poorly
done) around the diodes.  The Molex pins between the power
supply board and the logic board are clean and bright.

There is a DIP switch at A-11.  It has four switches.  The
silkscreen seems to indicate that all four switches control
the RAM geometry, but it could be wrong.  Reads (among others):

SW1 ON - 3 ROWS 16K

All switches are on.  All RAM banks are populated with MK4215N-2.

In addition, there are a number of cuts and jumper wires in
the video generation section:

A16 pin 4 - B17 pin 2
B17 pin 4 - A19 pin 1

Pads at B19:

E4-E5 cut
E2-E3 cut
E2 jumpered to E1
E4 jumpered one pad down (can't read silkscreen)

In terms of software, I have an 8-track BASIC ROM pack.  Otherwise,


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