Bootable Model III disks...

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Mar 2 15:42:16 CST 2010

> > C'mon guys... Nobody with a Model I and E/I with disk drives left it 
> stock without a doubler of some kind... 

I did (and still do). I nver even upgraded the data seperator (I had no 
trouble _at all_ wiotjh the internal separator of the 1771!).

I was going to upgrade to a double-density controller. It was long after 
these had been discontinued, but I ordered (and still have) the service 
manual for the Radio Shack doubler. I also consddered makign a M1 that 
behaved like an M3, I hacked 48K onto the mainboard of a 'spare' M1, and 
got M3 BASIC sort-of running on it. I intended to wire-wrap the extra 
cassette interface stuff, interrupts, disk controller and RS232 board...

Why didn't I do it? Simple. I went to a raido rally to see if I could get 
any useful bits cheap (like disk drives and PCBs with 179x chips on them) 
and bought a complete M3. So I didn't need to hack about and build one.

My M1 stayed as single densisty, I used the M3 for double-desnisty stuff. 
And later one I bought asecond-hand M4, which is the machine I use now.


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