Anybody in Gardena CA like free old macs?

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Wed Mar 3 17:20:10 CST 2010

We're cleaning out our office/shop and have various Macs and software 
available for the asking. I am posting this here because I'd rather have 
someone who appreciates our old computers/software to have them instead 
of trashing/recycling them.

There are some conditions:

THIS IS FOR LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. You will have to come to us. WE WILL NOT 

This offer is for a limited time. We cannot "wait" until you're on 
vacation or until your uncle, with the truck, can come by. This is first 
come first served, You Snooze You Lose offer. These machines and parts 
will be disposed of if not picked up by 3-12-10.

You will take everything or nothing. Most of what we have is working, 
some is not and what isn't working has significant usable parts.

We are located in Gardena, California near the 110, 91 and 105 freeways.

Phone for directions and time to pickup: 310-516-1915. You must call 
first before arriving. Leave message if no one picks up. We're here but 
may be busy in the back....

Here is a short list of what's waiting:

(the Apple IIgs and the AST computers in the picture ARE NOT included in 
what's available)

4 SE/30's: 2 working, 2 not working (the working machines HDs will be 
wiped clean leaving the existing OS)
1 Lot SE/30 parts (motherboards, power supplies, Hard disks)
1 Radius Color Pivot/LE w/board and software (was working when pulled 
from service)
1 Lot external CD Drives
2 PPC 8500/150 not working (will need to reassemble from parts box)
1 Lot of software- 4D, MacDraft, tons more (I don't have a list). Almost 
all has original Dox and all have original disks (3.5's).

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