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Wednesday, March 03, 2010
My response to your email on copyright in computing
Thank you so much!  I am just trying to understand all this.
Any “hints” on David would be much appreciated.  It is very understandable that he just walked away as IBM and their clones took over, especially after all he was doing and had done.  
That is all part of my science, technology and society [STS] research, much on my website – WWW.KAYPROSTS.ORG - which will be greatly improved, upgraded, updated, etc. now that we finally have cable in our very rural area.
Right now I am backed up on a number of STS projects, but I hope to get something to David in the next week Priority Mail.  But I know that it must be good, since it may be the only chance I have.  Others may also be bombarding him with inquiries also.
Whatever he decides, we have to respect it.
But it would be shame if all his work and those at MicroC is not kept alive and it is allowed just to die.  So many can still profit from it in so many ways.  Also, such computer history can be preserved.
Since I am a now retired chemist, the following just came this week - Chemical and Engineering News [C&EN] 02/22/2010 page 41 [WWW.CEN-ONLINE.ORG] - "Professors Cry Foul Over Website"  article by Bethany Halford of C&EN Northeast News Bureau – on copy infringement selling professors course materials including old tests on the web !
So you have enough to find this information yourself.  I can send you a copy of this one page article [e.g., fair use naturally copyright wise], if you need it.
American Chemical Society [ACS] that publishes this trade magazine quotes Eric S. Slater, their manager of copyright permissions and licensing for the ACS, states that "Anything that a professor creates for his class - lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations - is copyrighted."
But hassle is doing the paper work to get them to stop.
Launched January 2008, Course Hero founded by Andrew T. Grauer,  is the web site and charges $40 / month, but some other options for payment.   He claims 450,000 members and materials from about 3500 colleges and universities – total documents over 6 million !  So we are talking “big time here !”
But much of this information is “for free” on the various websites of the professors.  The professors did not know their “intellectual property” was being sold !  They certainly did not give any permissions for such uses.
I totally agree, we have a long way to go here.  This is only the beginning.
As you must know, the whole music industry, among many others, are also dealing with this in so many ways.
You can check my web site out for my background – WWW.KAYPROSTS.ORG.  I was involved with about a decade of lawsuits with one of my employers over their very serious safety, hazardous waste, environmental issues / violations. Much more info if you need it.
So I am very sensitive to the legal process and laws.  It is not what you think it is after you have been involved with it so long.  
You may already be aware of such matters.
So all these people better be very careful !  There already have been some “incidents” as you probably are aware of.
But all we can do is to alert them.  Then it is their decision.  Unfortunately, many times some people have to be seriously hurt, especially financially, before the message gets thru.
Certainly this web site has made it very clear in so many posts about copyright issues.
Much more info from my end, if you are interested.
Just ask if you have any questions or if something is not clear.
My only motivation is to try to do our best for this fantastic hobby of vintage computers.  It has been a new world for me.
Thanks again so much!

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> Puzzling - why bitsavers and some others are distributing these
 copyrighted materials?
Frank, bitsavers is part of the CHM, and Al Kossow does get 
ermission where possible--he also has a policy that if someone 
omplains about a copyright violation, that the material is removed 
As an archivist, he does a very good job.  But you will see that his 
BM material cuts off with the S/390.  No AS/400 or anything about 
he PC line.  This is because IBM does not wish to give permission to 
o that.
At some point, especially given Google's publishing material from 
agazines such as InfoWorld and PCWeek, I think the final rules on 
lectronic distribution haven't been written yet.
The best of luck with David!

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