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Fri Mar 5 21:10:36 CST 2010

> > I can't remember,but the reason I am replying here is that I have an
> > intense distrust of glues...
> Try some polyurethane glue ("Gorilla glue").  I use it to tack down 
> components when needed.  It'll even tack a cable to a steel frame.  
> Great for repairing pottery--it expands to fill gaps and makes a 
> watertight seal. Yet it's easy enough to trim off with a utility 
> knife.  The only serious drawback to it is the long (i.e. 24 hour) 
> cure time, meaning you have to keep whatever you're gluing clamped or 
> tacked in place until the glue cures.

And if it gets on your hands .... well, it don't come off.

Don't ask how I found this out.

That said, I rebuilt my dinette set with it. With gloves, this time.

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