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Tony Duell ard at
Sat Mar 6 12:37:39 CST 2010

> On 5 Mar 2010 at 21:38, Tony Duell wrote:
> > I can't remember,but the reason I am replying here is that I have an
> > intense distrust of glues...
> Try some polyurethane glue ("Gorilla glue").  I use it to tack down 
> components when needed.  It'll even tack a cable to a steel frame.  

How fo yuo udno it again if you need to replace either part?

There are glues I use with success. The plastic solvent-welding tpye of 
adhesives are good (provided you use them on a plastic they will 
disolve). I use the well-known trick of strengthing the repair on the 
back with some cotton fabric.

Epoxy adhesives are useful too for all sorts of repairs. I've never had 
much success with isocyano acrylic hydro-copolymerising adhesives, 
though. And contact adhesive is what I sue for sticking on nameplates, 
bits of trim, and that sort of thing.

But only if I know I am not going to want to take it off again ever, for 
any reason. Certainly for anything I make myself, I never use adhesives, 
I alsways use screws..

> Great for repairing pottery--it expands to fill gaps and makes a 
> watertight seal. Yet it's easy enough to trim off with a utility 
> knife.  The only serious drawback to it is the long (i.e. 24 hour) 
> cure time, meaning you have to keep whatever you're gluing clamped or 
> tacked in place until the glue cures.
> I can't recommend it highly enough.

I think I should invest in some anyway...


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