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Chris Elmquist chrise at
Sat Mar 6 13:14:54 CST 2010

On Saturday (03/06/2010 at 06:37PM +0000), Tony Duell wrote:
> There are glues I use with success. The plastic solvent-welding tpye of 
> adhesives are good (provided you use them on a plastic they will 
> disolve). I use the well-known trick of strengthing the repair on the 
> back with some cotton fabric.
> Epoxy adhesives are useful too for all sorts of repairs. I've never had 
> much success with isocyano acrylic hydro-copolymerising adhesives, 
> though. And contact adhesive is what I sue for sticking on nameplates, 
> bits of trim, and that sort of thing.

I had good success recently repairing the (very old) clear plastic on
the lid of a Teletype model 33.  I was concerned that due to the age of
the plastic, most any solvent based adhesive would at the least fog it
and at the worst, dissolve it.

I used this water soluable, latex based adhesive,

and it worked wonderfully.  Dries perfectly clear and Did No Harm(tm) to the
old plastic.


Chris Elmquist

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