rare systems

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Mar 8 14:53:31 CST 2010

Guys, don't confuse "rare" with "more historic".  "Rare" just means 
"fewer".  If the people at Tandy produced a limited-edition TRS-80, and 
the only difference was it had a yellow polka-dot case design, and only 
100 were ever made, does that mean it's more "rare" than a Straight-8?  
Technically, yes!  Does that make it more historic?  It's too dumb a 
question to even ask.

(I'm not putting down the PERQ systems, etc.; those are certainly 
historic in their own regard.)

And yes, DEC isn't as popular as Apple; there won't be millions of DEC 
fanboys and stuff ......

But it's hard to argue that the Straight-8 isn't one of the most * 
historic * systems ever made, re: historic = grand context and 
importance to the history of the computer industry.  Rarity is a big 
factor too, but the '8 has it all.  Historic, rare, desirable.

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