semi-OT: do you routinely attempt projects out of your comfort zone?

Ben bfranchuk at
Mon Mar 8 16:09:31 CST 2010

Ray Arachelian wrote:

> breaking them, I'd be very happy.Recently the tiles in my kitchen
> started to rise and the grout from the sides started to loosen free.
> That's the next project.  I've no idea how to fix them, but researching
> that now.  The hard part is I don't have any more spares, and since
> they're so old the home depot will have non-matching ones.  So if I can
> figure out how to completely loosen them out without (they're still
> sticking though somewhat wiggling)  :-)   Hey, if you've any ideas on
> how to fix'em or why they'd start rising up, I'm all ears.
You have checked for un-dead in your area ... right !?

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