Solid State Disk replacement for RD53, 54, RK05, RL02/02

e.stiebler emu at
Wed Mar 10 19:42:40 CST 2010

Zane H. Healy wrote:
> My PDP-11's are using 1" High 3.5" SCSI Hard Drives, it does wonders for 
> the
> noise level, and helps with the power consumption, but I'm honestly a bit
> worried about their long term viability.  At least I have a much larger
> supply of SCSI drives I can use than I do MFM Hard Drives (and yes, I 
> have a few of those, and a couple ESDI drives).

OK, I can tell you what I went through.

First I used 2.5" IDE, but this made the board too big (was quad then)
Next revision had a 1.8" drive on them, and I could make it on a double 
size board.

Never thought of using SCSI, thought it is not worth it.

Real IDE, never cared, simply because of the limited cable length.

SATA ? To expensive, at least for the next few years.

So, if I would touch it again, I would use SD-FLASH. Very easy to deal 
with, easy to exchange, cheap as hell.


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