Wirewrap boards update

Steve Robertson steerex at ccvn.com
Thu Mar 11 03:33:09 CST 2010

> Steve, it's hard to tell.  Are all of these boards used?  If not, I
> may be interested in one.  Cutting wire out of one of these is a very
> tedious job!  Anyone have any quick-and-dirty suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Chuck


All the boards are previously used. I looked to see if any of them were low
density but, they've all got lots of wires on them.

I generally use a hand-wrapping tool to unwind the wires. I really don't
know of an easier way to unwind them. It's tedious work but, if you're doing
small projects like I was, you can do a small area and then cut that section
from the bigger board.

See ya, SteveRob

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