calculating electricity costs

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Thu Mar 11 10:52:55 CST 2010

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:45 AM, Curt @ Atari Museum
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> Check your last bill, it is supposed to show the cost per kw/h used.   Also
> most power companies - due to deregulation, and sharing of their power line
> infrastructure with competitors, charge a line usage fee which is generally
> the same cost as your power costs - even if you use the original power
> company - to make it fair, they too will charge the line usage fee. (how it
> that fair?!?!?)   So if your bill was $50 this month, it is generally then
> $100 for the month, then the taxes, fees, etc... get heaped ontop of that
> and before you know it you're paying like $135 for your monthly bill...
> Now, once Obama passes the "Cap & Kill Jobs" energy bill, expect your
> energy costs to go up another 33% - oh joy!!! :-/

I don't have a power bill handy.  My wife has all that.  I sent her an email
asking for the real number.  That number above I got from their website.

I found another site that showed power cost charge averages across the
country.  For our area it's really something like 8.3c a kw/h.  So that
makes some sense.

I doubt cap & trade will pass.  Too many people are pissed at congress and
they're already worried about reelection over the health care thing.


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