semi-OT: do you routinely attempt projects out of your comfort zone?

Keith keithvz at
Thu Mar 11 11:58:07 CST 2010

Philip Pemberton wrote:

> Most of the time, if I want a quick solution to the problem, I'll get a 
> Roadrunner pen and build up someth<snip>

What's a roadrunner pen?

> There are exceptions -- I've spent the past couple of years learning 
> about programmable logic. I started out with GALs, then moved onto 
> Xilinx CPLDs (XC9500XL series), and have recently (as of mid-September 
> last year) started playing with Altera FPGAs. Every time I've made the 
> jump to something else, I've built something to help learn about that 
> technology --
>   - GALs - 6502 computer. Nearly every board has a 16V8/QP for address
>     decoding.
>   - CPLDs - LCD controller for a PIC. A 16-bit data serialiser / timing
>     generator to drive a small direct-drive LCD display panel.
>   - FPGAs - the DiscFerret.
> At least this way I end up with something to show for my effort. And 
> it's more fun :)

And this is my current frustration! Verilog. FPGAs. Etc.


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