Soldering (Was: Re: HP-IB, Amigo/cs80 ... )

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Thu Mar 11 16:38:27 CST 2010

Tony Duell wrote:
>> For each life you get a fixed number of lucky escapes. You never know 
>> how many you've been allocated, or even how many you have left. Only 
>> time you find out is when you screw up really badly and just happen to 
>> find out that the "lucky escapes remaining" counter was at zero...
> If this means what I think it means, how are you in a state where you can 
> realise that your 'lucky escape counter' as got to zero?

When you either bump into Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, or the 
Ferryman at the bank of the Styx.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.........

(substitute your own religious beliefs regarding death above)

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