Drive recovery

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Fri Mar 12 07:54:24 CST 2010

John Foust wrote:
> I think I'll send it to, a Madison, WI-based recovery
> place.  They offer $400-700 Windows recovery but charge a premium
> for Mac recovery ($700-$1000) and Linux ($800-1000), with the higher
> price for "clean room recovery".  (Hmm, I thought bits were bits.)  
> Any other advice - besides a better backup strategy?

I'm curious about that - presumably the cost differences encompass them 
stitching partial data back together from the different filesystems and 
getting you as much of your data back as possible in the case where the actual 
disk surfaces are hosed. Whether the cost reflects the complexity of the 
different filesystems or just the abilities of the staff there ("we charge 
more for Linux because we only have one guy who knows how to do that"), I 
don't know.

In your case, it sounds like the data *might* be fine - in which case they'll 
be making a few hundred bucks out of you just because you don't happen to have 
a Windows system , and all they'll do is swap the NVRAM on your drive and drag 
the contents off.



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