Disc analyser news update

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 15 16:09:02 CDT 2010

> I've done a bit of that too over the years, just a few motors but more 
> transformers.  One thing that has always troubled me is the usual poor 

I;ve done trasnformers too, but fortunately I've never had to do one that 
had to stand main voltage or similar.

> condition of what I believe is at least sometimes called the "fish 
> paper" used to provide extra insulation between the coating on the wires 

I've certainly heard it called 'fish paper' over here. I am not sure if 
you can still buy it anywhere, if you can, I am looking for a source...

> and the stator/armature/core metal.  Back in my younger more foolish 
> days I'm afraid I was sometimes guilty of using ordinary card stock as a 
> solution, though I've wondered if that is not a bit of a fire hazard in

Well, it probably is eeasier to ignite than fishpaper, but normal paper 
is not that easy to set on firs. A soldering iron won't do it, for 
example. If a transformer is getting hot enough to ignite paper, you have 

My greater worry would be that the paper may absorb moisture and 
electrically break down.At one time paper soaked in wax was used, but 
this would seem to be an even greater fire risk.
> spite of "Fahrenheit 451".  I'd just be interested in hearing your 
> thoughts on this issue.

I'd probably not do it in something that was going to be used by somebody 
else, or somethign that was going to run unattended. I might do it for 
something I was goping to use myself.


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