Help with running RT-11 SAV files under RSTS/E

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Tue Mar 16 11:31:15 CDT 2010

I have been interested, of late, in fixing some of the bugs in MACRO.SAV 
which the documentation shows also run under RSTS/E.

In addition to fixing the bug so that the year outputs as 4 digits on 
the listing, I thought it
would be interesting to run MACRO.SAV as a system job.  This requires a 
RT-11 monitor to use VBGEXE.SAV to load and initiate MACRO.SAV since it is
obviously not an REL file.

However, the goal is to still be compatible running under RSTS/E.  My 
question is
how to distinguish between a mapped RT-11 monitor and RSTS/E?  Does anyone
have sufficient information about the RSTS/E environment to be able to 
RT-11 from RSTS/E?

TSX-PLUS is trivial since requesting the TSX-PLUS job number is not 
under RT-11, so that problem is solved.

Jerome Fine

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