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>> I gave up drinking cola with caffeine and now mostly drink 7-up with
>> artificial sweeteners (you end up getting a sweet tooth late in the day).
>> I used to guzzle mountain dew in the morning when I worked and I found if
> I
>> didn't my mind would be a little cloudy until I did so I gave it up.
>> Yes, you do lose a bunch of weight when switching to diet pop, but you
> gain
>> it back slowly when you get a craving for sweets (you body doesn'y like to
>> be fooled by fake sweetener).
> You can say that again (the bit in brackets in the last sentence). If I
> drink Diet Cola it makes me sick, as in regurgitating what I ate recently.
> So I stay well away from diet drinks... but I have a few other allergies too
> (hayfever, asthma, eczema and certain plastics cause irration to my skin
> after contact for 5-10 minutes). I suppose I should count myself lucky that
> I'm not allergic to sunlight.

I'm very sorry to hear that. Two things you might like to consider.

Is the Diet Coke in a plastic botttle, and if so is the plasticiser getting into the drink? Of course if you have the same reaction to it in a glass bottle then thats not it.

Is it the Aspartame sweetener? Its nasty stuff, affects the pancreas, particularly for diabetics and some experts even think the 'diabetes epidemic' is caused by it. My 87 year old mother had type one diabetes (controlled with tablets). They told her to cut down her sugar intake, so I started to go through what I buy online every week and found lower sugar versions. Coke -> Diet Coke and Robinsons Orange -> No Added Sugar Robinsons Orange etc. Soon her daily sugar measurements were off the scale, the gauge only reads up to about 25 beyond that it just says high. The medics gradually increased her tablets, switched to injecting insulin, saying now it was type 2 diabetes, the dosage went up to 74 units per day. Then one of the 'carers' (who was not medically trained) told me some of her other clients had cut out Diet Coke and  become much better. I was sceptical so asked one of the nurses and though she did not want to say so on the record she suggested I cut down my mothers consumption of Aspartame. I've been doing that though some things like orange squash all seem to have it in. Now the medics are gradually reducing her insulin and frequently have to give her chocolate in the morning to get her sugar level UP to four so that they can give her her insulin without causing her to have a fit when they administer it. Try googling Aspartame Diabetes for what one doctor says about it.

On the original topic, when I programmed in microcode assembler then assembler and Coral66 then Pascal I drank Ribena : result all my molars have huge fillings which might cause a blip in the mercury price when they need to be replaced :-) Now I program in C++ and have switched to Rose's lime. Of course outside work its bitter ale, either Shepherd Neame Masterbrew or when I'm in London Courage Directors. I can see the site of the old Fremlin's brewery out of my office window, thats the beer from which the word gremlin derive's its name. When I'm finding logic faults on my ICT1301 mainframe its cloudy lemonade and McVities Digestives (plain ones, not chocolate ones) to make up for skipping lunch.

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