Booting a VAXstation

arcarlini at arcarlini at
Tue Mar 16 17:32:05 CDT 2010

> I don't wish to question authority, as it were, but the
> internal cables are 104 pin (If I'm counting them correctly)
> and the external SCSI port on the back is 72-pin mini-D. That
> *looks* like wide SCSI to me! If it's not, then what kind of
> cabling is it? The ordinary narrow-SCSI stuff I knew from
> back in the '80s and '90s was 50-way ribbon cables with
> 50-pin IDC connectors internally and either 50-pin Centronics or D25
> connectors externally. 

The VS3100s all take 50-pin SCSI-1 disks. The internal cabling depends
on the exact model but all three styles of VS3100 use 50-pin disks.
You can get 68-pin SCSI-2 disks to work with an adapter (usually).


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