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> I have a VAXstation 3100 model 38 I bought on eBay for the princely
> sum of £0.99. Sadly it came without disks and I have no wide-SCSI
> disks of <1GB.
> Hi, Liam.
>   First thing to do is find yourself a copy of the manual for the machine as you can do a bunch of stuff with it just from built in diagnostics..   I seem to recall them being out on the web.. possibly here:

Thanks for the tip. I did actually get the original owners' manual
with this machine - and a couple of mice, a keyboard & a 17" mono
screen. Just no disks/sleds/cables or anything. :¬(

> I know Antonio Carlini had a site with lots of nice docs too.. but my link is dead.
> Also check out older posts where people were in the same boat.. such as:

Very helpful... thanks!

> My machine came with a TZ30 drive, an RD54 CD, and hard disk all internally... mine's the M48..same as yours but with bigger case.
> You might need a special cable for the external SCSI.. as its got a funny connector on the computer end.  I found one on ebay.

I might be able to improvise one - I have a lot of SCSI cables. I used
to run a lot of SCSI kit, although almost none is left now. A whole
pile of it went to a collector off this very list, in fact... (Hi,

> For hard drives, I found that I had to experiment with different ones.. not all would work (even if under 1gb).   Most did, however.
> Enjoy,
>   John Singleton

It will be a learning experience!

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