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Darrell Norquay 1metalguru at gmail.com
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I got a lot of responses to this posting, I wasn't really expecting that.

OK, to answer everyone's first question, I live in Calgary, Alberta,
Canada.  Shipping for most of North America wouldn't be too bad, especially
with express post or somebody like UPS Ground.  The slower the cheaper.  The
8A might be a bit pricey, since it's so heavy.

Secondly, thanks to all who pointed out that the 8/ series manuals were
online.  I had no idea they were still so popular.

I cut my programming teeth on the PDP11 in college back in the early 70's,
and the 8's started to appear in the Surplus Market in the late 70's around
here, so I bought a few for a song.  Ended up taking up half my basement and
they were a real pain to move, so they went away.  I used to have a couple
of 8/m's with lots of peripherals (2 6' racks worth each), back in the
'80's, but sort of lost interest and sold them to a collector.  I had boxes
full of software on paper tape that would probably be worth something now...

Same with the S100 systems, I bought them off the Surplus market from the
local University.  I'll post a complete list of the boards in the 8/a and
the S100 stuff and possibly pictures in the next few days.  Can I post
photos on this list?  If not, can you suggest somewhere to post them?

Anyway, thanks to all who replied and I'll try to get back to each
individually.  Be patient, it will take a few days to get back to everyone.


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Hi Guys:

Just thought I would drop a line and let everyone know that I have some old
computer equipment for sale (might even be free to a good home) as listed

1.  PDP8A system, with programming front panel.  Comes with PDP8/A Field
Drawings Manual, and I believe it has an A/D peripheral.
2.  Somewhere, (I haven't seen them for years) I have a pretty extensive
library of PDP8/I manuals on Microfiche.  This includes the 32K Disk
Subsystem, Hi Speed Paper Tape reader, PDP8/I Math enhancement, Dectape
System, etc.  Used to have the paper copies, but they were
too bulky so I paid to have them put on Microfiche (which was quite pricey
as I recall).

If anyone is interested, I'll try to come up with more info, including a
complete list of the manuals on fiche, and a list of the boards installed in
the 8/A.

I also have some old modems, including one from an ASR33 TTY, and a 1200
Baud commercial modem from the early 80's.  In addition, I have a
couple of old S-100 System enclosures with backplanes and power supplies,
along with a whole box of S-100 boards including 8085 CPU, memory,
A/D, comm cards, and various I/O.  Even some manuals to go with...

My name is Darrell, and you can contact me at 1MetalGuru(at)gmail.com

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