Help with running RT-11 SAV files under RSTS/E

John A. Dundas III dundas at
Thu Mar 18 09:54:34 CDT 2010


At 7:47 PM -0500 3/17/10, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
>The only other question is how to determine the device name of the 
>program which is
>running.  Under RT-11, the .CStatus EMT returns the physical device 
>name of the
>program file which is open on channel 17 since it is overlaid.  The 
>manual states that
>.DStatus EMT is available, but ignores the .CStatus EMT, except by 
>default which
>leads me to interrupt that such information is not available under 
>RSTS/E.  Is anyone
>familiar with the RSTS/E  RT-11 run time system?  Was .CStatus ever added for
>support.  The possible solution is to default to assuming the 
>program is on the system
>device, SY:, which is already known to work.  I can place a -1 in 
>the .CStatus area
>before the EMT request and if that value is still there, use SY: for 
>the device name.
>Disappointing, but not much of any other option I can think of.  Can 
>anyone else
>suggest something I have missed?

Not sure why you need to change what MACRO/CREF are already doing; 
they work as is under RSTS.  If you're fixing a Y2k bug the file 
chaining code, and for that matter the rest as well, works just as 
well under RSTS as it does under RT.  I would think the best approach 
is not to change anything, unless it specifically addresses a bug.


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