Disc analyser news update

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Fri Mar 19 15:26:03 CDT 2010

go here then...

http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/51242a.pdf that will at least give you debugging information that Microchip released. 

Steve "some chap" Thatcher

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>> On Thursday (03/18/2010 at 12:06AM +0000), Philip Pemberton wrote:
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>> > You know, there is a reason Microchip released the ICD2, ICD3 and  
>> > PICKit2 Debug Express. All of the three support in-circuit debugging  
>> > over the programming pins -- set a code breakpoint (or watchpoint), wait  
>> > for it to trigger, then dump the program state.
>> And do those debugger tools run on any OS other than Windows?
>Not that I could see. And the specs that I was pointed to by some chap 
>here give details on programming the PICs, but nothing on the debugger 
>commands, so it appers you can't write your own debugging tools.
>> > Beats the LEDs-and-switches debugging method, or the "hook a terminal  
>> > up" trick...
>> If the answer to the above is No, then it does not beat the "hook a
>> terminal up" trick... or an LED trick or plenty of other tricks...
>> not by a long shot.

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