HP 2671 Graphics ROM

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Fri Mar 19 15:45:25 CDT 2010


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> >  
> > 
> >  I  aquired a HP 2671A thermal printer and know that there 
> should be 
> > an upgrade ROM to 'upgrade' it to a HP 2671G.
> > Thanks to Tony excelent work on HPCC CDROM i have the 
> schematics and 
> > was able to fix the head positioning circuit.
> > One of the driver transistors (TIP 122) was bad after 
> replacing it and 
> > cleaning the printer it works fine.
> You will find it prints on thermal fax paper without 
> problems. But get the 216mm wide stuff. I got some 210mm 
> rolls and found it would print on them without snagging the 
> papepr if oyu got it positioned just right. I turned a cuuple 
> of brass spacers, but it's a lot less work to get the right 
> width paper.
> > But now I want to use it for printing graphics (diagrams) 
> and would be 
> > very happy whith an image of the graphics ROM.
> If you like I can pull the cover on my 2671G and see what the 
> 3 programmed devices (2 8049 microcontrollers and a ROM) are 
> labelled, and the setting fo the EA pin switches on each of 
> the boards (to see if the
> 8049 is using its intenal ROM). That will indicate what needs 
> to be replaced in your machine....
> -tony

Thanks , HP was talking about adding a graphics chip (ROM).
The 2671 has an empty socket on the HP-IB interface board, the one closest
to the printer PCB is empty.
I'm not sure if that's the one, it could be the ROM on the printer PCB it
It would be very nice if you find out what needs to be replaced, on the
printer PCB on the one I have a 8039 with external ROM is used.
I've a stach of 216mm wide fax paper from a fax I owned .


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