Leaving computers on... (was Re: Disc analyser news update)

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 25 13:50:37 CDT 2010

> On 24 Mar 2010 at 20:48, Tony Duell wrote:
> > [Of coruse it does't have a backlit display. or a colour display, or
> > internal disk drives. You don't use it to watch movies. The memory is
> > row after row of 6264s, the battery islead-acid. No prizes for
> > guessing what it is]
> HP-110?  I seem to remember seeing a pack of Gates D-sized lead-acid 
> cells in the battery compartment of one.

Close enopugh :-). I do have an HP110, but I normally use one of the pair 
of Portable+ machines that I also own. They all run off a 6V lead-acid 
battery. The service manual shows a battery pack consiting of 3 Cyclon 
cells, many of the machines actually contain a Panasonic block battery. 
The former are easier to obtain and what I generally use for replacements.

The Portable+ has a few advantages over the 110. The first is a larger 
display (full 24 lines) and a connector inside that carries enough of the 
display lines to connect to an external composite video interface [1]. 
The second is that it takes 2 optional 'drawers', one at each side. In 
both my machiens, one coatains more RAM (there's over 800K of RAm in 
there -- over 100 6264  chips), The other contains ROM sockets and can be 
used as a read-only disk. If you want a real disk drive you can link up 
an 9114 floppy drive or (something which is not commonly known) an SS/80 
or Amigo drive using an HP82169 interface module.

[1] Tjhis consists of an HP ASIC and 16K of SRAM. It's rare, but I 
managed to find one, and the interface connector panel for the Portable+

All _I_ need in a laptop is a terminal emulator and a text editor. A 
spreadsheet is useful. My Portable+ has all those in ROMs.

A couple of years back I needed to display wome output from an HP9830 on 
a laege scrren. The set up was an HP11205 RS232 interface in the 9830, 
linked to the Portable+ running a VT100 emulator, then the video 
interface I mentioned linked to the composite input on a borrowed video 
projector. Worked perfectly...


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