IBM Monochrome "Black and White" Parallel card double image

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Mar 25 14:02:02 CDT 2010

>  I might have just ran a wire through the hole and tacked it onto the
> pin.
>  This really depends on who I was doing this for. If for a customer=2C
> I'd have replaced the chip. If for me=2C as I stated=2C I'd most like not
> even bothered to remove the part.

It is my experience that desoldering and resoldering a chip (DIL, SOIC, 
PQFP, etc) does not significantly reduce reliability. Many times I've 
desodlerd a chip for some reason, and then soldered it back, and only 
very rarely does that part fail first (or second or....). 


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