Leaving computers on... (was Re: Disc analyser news update)

arcarlini at iee.org arcarlini at iee.org
Thu Mar 25 14:19:00 CDT 2010

John Foust [jfoust at threedee.com]:
> There's a longer discussion on Wikipedia:
> Do you have any disagreements or other interpretation of what's there?

I think it's mostly accurate although it hides the detail in that
"renewal process" link.

This link http://www.rpi.edu/~sofkam/fileserverdisks.html points to an
IBM paper "MTBF---A measure of OEM disk drive reliability" which I've
read before
but cannot find now (the link supplied is dead). My original information
from an MTBF whitepaper by either Seagate or WD ... but I cannot find
either :-)


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