Leaving computers on... (was Re: Disc analyser news update)

Alexander Schreiber als at thangorodrim.de
Thu Mar 25 15:18:43 CDT 2010

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 10:17:09AM -0500, John Foust wrote:
> At 06:35 PM 3/24/2010, arcarlini at iee.org wrote:
> >Most modern drives support SMART ... and some of them (but not all)
> >even correctly count and report the number of power cycles.
> >UBCD has a range of disk diagnostic tools, modern Linux variants
> >have smarttools, you can track down any number of disk monitoring
> >tools for Windows.
> Lately I've been wondering about just how well SMART is monitored.
> Can the computer still read it if the drives are in a RAID?

That depends very much how the RAID is set up. With software RAID: no problem,
as the OS sees the raw disks. With hardware RAID it very much depends on the
RAID controller wether you can get access to the SMART data for individual

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