Leaving computers on... (was Re: Disc analyser news update)

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Mar 26 15:28:38 CDT 2010

> Yes, that was my guess, too. Only laptop-/style/ portable I ever even

The HP's I mentioned are very useable as laptops.

> heard of with a lead-acid battery. *Gorgeous* monochrome active-matrix
> LCD, too. Stunning for its time, still good today.
> But a bit too modern for Tony! I mean, it has a GUI and everything.
> 1989 was just yesterday...
> http://lowendmac.com/pb/macintosh-portable.html

The Mac Portable, in common with all other Macs, is missing one essentail 
feature that the Amstrad PPC, HP110, HP Portable+ and my older laptops, 
Tandy M100, Epson HX20 and Epson PX8 all have (as do some other laptops I 
don't own). I am sure you can guess what that is ;-)


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