Viper 2150S scsi tape drive

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Thu Nov 4 13:28:49 CDT 2010

 As those that followed the original thread, I had the capstan rubber
turn to goo. I've tried replacing the capstan with a piece of tygon
tubing and it is not working. The problem seems to be that it has
too much memory. If it sits for just a few minutes, it gets a bump.
 I'll need to locate some similar sized rubber tubing. My local
hardware only carries the tygon but I think I can find something
at the auto shops, used for vacuum lines of fuel lines.
 I'll let you know what I find.
 In my experiments, I was able to get a partial write/read to
work so I'm on the right track.
 I still need to understand why the 8mm didn't work as expected.

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