SCSI emulator

Alexandre Souza - Listas pu1bzz.listas at
Fri Nov 5 12:16:47 CDT 2010

>   That'd be a pretty different animal, with SCSI being a high-level 
> digital interface.  There's no data separation, etc etc going on with SCSI 
> interfaces.  (as I'm sure you already know)

    No, I don't. I never studied the SCSI interfacing electronics/protocol. 
And now I'm moving (do you believe my car with my things was robbed in the 
door of my new house? Lucky I had an alarm and it stopped the car 500m from 
my house!!! I was moving on wednesday, came back from Rio de Janeiro 
yesterday and only today I'm "back in the real world" after the incident), 
I'll have enough free time to take some attention to it. Maybe I'll try to 
do something in this area, seems a funny exercise anyways.

>   Preserving/snapshotting the contents of a SCSI drive is as simple as 
> hooking it to a UNIX box and running a "dd" command.

    It preserves any strange formatting? I realize I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA 
of the low level workings of SCSI devices... 

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