DiscFerret: First working hardware, firmware and microcode!

Gene Buckle geneb at deltasoft.com
Fri Nov 5 23:32:50 CDT 2010

On Fri, 5 Nov 2010, Tony Duell wrote:

>> I'd be mildly surprised if some enterprising firm didn't try to
>> record a frame of analog video at 60 fps on an ST412 track.  One rev
>> per frame...
> I am told that the action replays on TV were onc erecorded on a special
> hard idsk. One frame per track, fixed heads (so almost instant moving
> from one frame to the next) and analogue FM recording.
> One of the companies that made them (PPL I think) also sold it as a PDP11
> video dispaly peripheral. The special hard disk and a rack of boards (FM
> modulato/demodulator, sync, etc). Connected via a DR11-B interace. I have
> one.
Ampex was the pioneer in this particular field I think.


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