PDP-11/34A bring up

Chris Elmquist chrise at pobox.com
Mon Nov 8 13:02:34 CST 2010

Hi Steve...

Thank you for the reply.  I am still exploring some options that have
surfaced since I sent out this message...  and they are closer to home
so I will run those to ground before branching out.

Seems silly but it might be easier to scavenge the connector off the back
of a dead RL01 or RL02 and make it into the transition than to find the
actual transition!

Did the transition (which I'm sure has a more proper DEC name) originally
come with the RL01/02?  The RL11 or equiv controller?  or with the rack?


On Monday (11/08/2010 at 04:51PM +0100), Steve Maddison wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 7:46 PM, Chris Elmquist <chrise at pobox.com> wrote:
> > My next mission will be to get the pair of RL02 running...  but I need
> > some parts for that.
> >
> > Does anyone have,
> >
> >        front panel indicator covers:
> >
> >                qty 2    FAULT
> >                    1    LOAD
> >                    1    READY #1
> >                    1    WRITE PROT
> >        round cable for drive to drive connection
> I can probably help you out with some of these parts if you don't have
> any luck finding them more locally (I'm in the Netherlands). I
> definitely have a drive-to-drive cable lying around.
> >        transition from flat cable leaving RL11 to round cable going to
> >        drives
> >
> > I have one round cable to connect one drive...  but without the transition,
> > I'm kinda stuck unless I go inside the drives and convert everything to
> > flat cable and connectors.
> >From your description it sounds like you're familiar with the bulkhead
> with a short cable ending in a Berg connector. I've also seen round
> cables with a Berg at one end and the connector for the first drive at
> the other. At a push you could build the latter using an existing
> cable, providing your own Berg connector. The originals have a big
> meaty grounding strap at the Berg end, but I'm not sure how essential
> that may be.
> -- 
> Steve Maddison
> http://www.cosam.org/

Chris Elmquist

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