PDP-11/34A bring up

Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.plus.com
Mon Nov 8 17:17:17 CST 2010

Ethan Dicks wrote:

>> Did the transition (which I'm sure has a more proper DEC name) originally
>> come with the RL01/02?  The RL11 or equiv controller?  or with the rack?
> I _think_ it was part of the cab kit with the controller.

All the ones I've seen were supplied that way, as part of the controller 

> The arrangements I know of are...
> RL8A - round cable with a ZIF end for the drive and a 2x20 "Berg" end
> for the controller

BC80J, described as 13 twisted pairs.

> RLV11/RLV12 - round cable with ZIF end for the drive and a 2x20 Berg
> end for the controller, but a different DEC P/N than the RL8A cable
> (not positive and if true, don't remember why it's different).

BC80M/KG.  It's listed as 13 twisted pairs shielded.  Was the BC80J not 

That was used for 11/23-Plus systems with an RLV12 and dual RL02s, but 
all the RLV11s and some RLV12s I've seen in the UK had the same 
arrangement you described for the RL11 - flat cable from controller to 
rack bracket, round grey cables with ZIFs on both ends from rack bracket 
to drive, and drive to drive.  Most of the QBus RL-based systems I've 
seen were complete 11T23 or 11T03 systems in a cabinet with two RL01 or 
two RL02 and a CPU box.  The 11T23 manual says "A BC06R 40-conductor 
ribbon cable connects to J1 on the disk control module.  The other end 
of this cable connects to a transition bracket on a mounting bar located 
above the PDP-11/23."

Sadly it gives the part numbers for the I/O cables (BC20J, aka 
70-12122-10) and the terminator (70-12293) but not the transition 
connector.  And guess which page of my IPB fiche is missing :-(

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