Old cromemco C3 in a rack...

Bruce Damer bdamer at digitalspace.com
Fri Nov 12 14:03:00 CST 2010

If anyone is interested in this, feel free to contact Sharon directly....

HI Bruce,

Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm attaching a couple of photos.  One 
of the pictures shows the Hazeltine monitor (also available) that was 
used with the computer.  I believe the unit is an Ohio Scientific 
C3.  Here is a link to an eBay item for an Ohio Scientific ad for a 
similar machine.  Ours came with a hard disk, but we no longer have it.


What you see in the pics is all we have for the machine.  I'd like 
your opinion and the opionion of any of your contacts whether I 
should continue to try to find this a home, or just pitch it.  I 
don't want any money for it, but don't really want to pay shipping, either.

Also, FYI, I have some sales literature from the period for OSI 
(including some of the Bill Cosby brochures) and a few others, if 
anyone is interested.

Thanks again,
Sharon Maule
(309) 231-9237

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